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Men’s Guide to Lingerie

If there is one thing that generally separates a man from the fairer sex, it has to be the penchant for shopping. Pick any random man off the street and ask him how he would like to spend his free time and almost always, you will usually get: A) either hanging out with his buddies, B) on a couch in front of the TV, or C) a combination of both. Mention shopping (especially clothes) and you will almost always get a blank stare and a look that seems to say, “Are you kidding me?” It is the rare man that can slip into shopping mode without so much as a bat in the eyelash.

Another thing that separates men from women is the type of underwear they wear. While almost all men are content with just grabbing the first boxers or briefs they see, a woman wants to look good in everything she wears, even if it’s the type that’s usually not seen unless you’re in a bedroom or somewhere private. Hence the extreme popularity of lingerie. This is also good for men, too, as a significant other in a sexy lingerie can be a very erotic thing. Laces, see throughs, or just plain kinky – the list goes on and on; there are probably as many types of lingerie as there are fashion statements, and almost all of them can be nothing but good for the men who have the privilege to ogle them. However, if there’s one thing that can make a man balk and scurry away in fear, it’s two words: lingerie shopping.

There’s really no two ways about it. If you’re a man, buying your girlfriend or significant other lingerie is something you may have to do sooner or later. It can be because you were asked to by her because she can’t for any number of reasons, or because you yourself wanted to buy one as a gift for her. Whatever the reasons, you will have to go to that section in the store that is almost a no-man’s-land. However, it doesn’t have to be an awkward or embarrassing experience. Like anything you have to conquer, you only have to know what you want so you won’t end up looking like an idiot when you’re already approached by the sales lady. Here, then, is a starter guide to set you off in the right foot.

The Types of Lingerie

If you’re expecting to see just normal brassieres and panties in your quest for lingerie, then prepare to be shocked: there are so many types of lingerie that they might as well be in a different clothing category all their own. However, the trick is to know which one is needed by your SO without compromising both of your aesthetic needs. To do this, you will need to understand what the basic lingerie types are and when they are most appropriate.

1. Brassiere. Commonly known as a bra, any man knows this as this is one of the most common lingerie around. Its main purpose is to support the woman’s breasts. There are many types of bras, and most often, choosing one is a matter of functionality first and fashion second, although both are often kept in mind when choosing a pair. Bras can be push-ups, minimizers, underwired or demi-cup. The designs and shapes vary, from the natural to the conical. There are commonly laces and trimmed as well.

2. Panties. Also known as knickers and undies in different parts of the world, panties together with bras are the most common underwear/lingerie today. Usually snug and tight-fitting, they are worn by women to cover their genitals. There are a lot of types of panties, based on criteria such as coverage, width and height at which they are worn. The most common types include classic, hipster, bikini, thong and boy shorts. Panty designs range from the basic to the more exotic and sexy type, with the latter often used to flaunt more than to cover.

3. Camisoles. Camisoles are loose-fitting and sleeveless tops whose length goes to the waist. It is shorter than a chemise. Most camisoles are made from light materials, most commonly cotton although satin or silk are also preferred by many. A typical camisole has straps and is usually worn over a brassiere.

4. Chemise. A chemise is just like a camisole, only longer. It is typically straight-cut, with the hem falling just above the knee. Like the camisole, most chemises (especially the sexy and provocative ones) are made from light materials.

5. Babydolls. Babydolls are very short gowns that are worn by women as a nightie; they are just like nightgowns, only shorter. They have bra-like cups, and a flowing skirt usually located in between the hips and the bellybutton. Babydolls can have laces or ruffle trims, depending on the preference of the woman. Like most lingerie, they are made of soft and light materials.

6. Basque. A basque is a type of lingerie that is just like a form-hugging camisole, but with bra-like cups. It is just like a corset, with lace-up details either on the front or the back; unlike the corset, however, it is made of a more delicate material and does not mold or compress the body.

7. Bustier. A bustier looks similar to a basque, but the main difference is that a bustier is shorter, only reaching down to the ribs or the waist. Its function is also different than the basques: it is designed to push up the bust by tightening the against the upper midriff, gently pushing the bust up while shaping the waist.

8. Corsets. A corset and a bustier may have similar styles but a corset is designed to make a woman look curvier by holding in the waist, as opposed to pushing up the bust. Traditional corsets are ideally made for the individual wearing them. Modern ones, while mimicking a historical style of corset, generally have little or no effect on the shape of the wearer’s body. It is usually made of a stiff material in order to hold a woman’s curves. Nowadays, corsets are also worn as sexy outerwear, aside from being lingerie.

In choosing the type of lingerie for your SO, don’t keep in mind what you want her to look like. Instead, put priority on how it will fit her and whether she will be comfortable with it. Also, keep in mind her general shape and figure; for example, a full-bottomed woman will look better on full, frilly panties rather than a g-string. Remember that what looks good on models in magazines might not necessarily be the same for other women.jb

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