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Buying Lingerie – Getting The Right Size

For a guy, buying a lingerie for his significant other is akin to walking in a monster-infested cave with nothing but a penknife at hand. In fact, some may argue that they would just rather walk through such a cave bare-handed rather than step into a well-lighted lingerie boutique or shop filled with brassieres, panties and other lingerie and then try and pick a pair for their girl. True, if you succeed then it is indeed one of the most romantic things you can do to your loved one. Fail, however, and you will either be given, at best, a sympathetic smile and consolation (while the gift is being placed at a soon-to-be-forgotten place) or a full-blown fight at worst. It is, therefore, imperative that should you undertake this dangerous mission, you have to arm yourself with all the information you can get. Research, read up, ask your lady friends questions if you have to. Remember, this is something you cannot afford to fail!

In buying a lingerie, there is one important thing you have to keep in mind: size matters. You can buy the sexiest lingerie made from the finest material that money can buy but if it fits like a nightmare, you might as well sleep in the couch for a couple of weeks. The right size takes precedence over everything else. Buy lingerie that is too large and your significant other will think that she looks fat in your eyes. Buy something that is too small, and she’ll think that you’re telling her, in no particular words, to lose some weight. In all seriousness, though, it is all about comfort. Lingerie, especially one that is too tight, will always cause discomfort to your loved one, which essentially negates the very reason why you bought one for them in the first place. Choosing the wrong size will also mean a waste of time and money, since you will have to return it (if the store policy accepts it) or worse, just trash it somewhere. So bottom line: make sure you get the right size.

Remember that size measurements and guidelines differ from country to country. It’s less trouble when you’re buying at a local shopping mall or shop since you can be sure that those sizes are made for the local people, but if you’re buying online, then make sure that you’re buying from your region. If you’re buying from a different country, then hit up on some of the conversion tables and guides to get the right size of the garment. There are two sizes you need to be aware of: the brassiere (which covers the breasts), and the underwear, which covers the crotch.

The Brassiere

Bra sizes operate on something that is probably Greek to most men. They are a combination of letters and numbers that, to the uninitiated, looks something like code for some secret formula. The elements that make up the bra sizing are:

1. Band size – This makes up the measurement of the rib cage, directly below the breasts. This is usually measured in inches.

2. Bust size – This is the measurement around the body and the breast at its fullest point.

3. Cup size – This is the measurement of the volume of the breast. It is obtained from the difference between the band and the bust size. This is given in letters, which range from AA (the smallest) to KK (the biggest).

The combination of the two sizes determine the size of the bra, for example 32AA, 36C or 34D. Because of the way the two work together, there may be overlaps in measurement. For instance, a 30C and a 32B will have the same cup volume. This is why it is important that you know your girl’s exact cup size.

The Underwear

Fortunately for you, underwear sizes are much more easier to understand since they use the same measurement convention as the men’s clothing. The measurements can be given in letters (XS, XXL) or in numbers, which are much more exact but can be confusing. Again, it is always advisable to refer to a lingerie size guide or chart when buying lingerie, especially from different countries.


If you’re specifically asked by your girl to buy her lingerie, then its usually no problem to ask for her exact size. However, if you’re thinking of buying one as a gift, then you will have to resort to covert operations.

1. Seek help from her girl friends. If you’re friends with her lady friends, then this isn’t a problem. They will most likely think you’re sweet for wanting to buy her a lingerie and will almost always help you out.

2. Sneak and check out her underwear drawer. This is best done when she’s out of the house or in the shower. Just check out the sizes of her underwear and brassiere and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding her size.

3. Bring a pair to the store. Yes, it might seem desperate but desperate times call for desperate measures. And don’t worry, the clerks have probably seen such things happen many times before. This works if her lingerie don’t have the tags anymore. Let the professionals handle it.

4. Whatever you do, don’t ever guess the size. More often than not, you will fail. Remember that women have different mesurements than men. You can do approximations but if it fails, then the consequences outweigh the what-ifs. Play it safe. Remember, this is for your girl so make it count.

The hardest part is going into the store and actually buying the lingerie. But if you can manage to get past this, then congratulations. You deserve every sweet reward from her you’ll get.jb

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