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Lingerie Tips

Bra Styles Bra Styles

Nothing improves a woman’s confidence like a great bra. Wearing the correct bra underneath an outfit makes you feel not only sexy, but comfortable too. Bras improve posture and relieve back and shoulder... 

Beautiful, Sexy Lingerie Beautiful, Sexy Lingerie

Beautiful, sexy lingerie is no longer hidden in the closet behind the fluffy robe or beneath the white, cotton panties in the bureau drawer. Today, women can choose to flaunt their assets while wearing... 

Nylon Stockings and Hosiery Nylon Stockings and Hosiery

Some nylons are smooth and silky to the touch, while others have a stretchy feel or provide firm support. Still others come with patterns, lace, or have a fishnet look to them. When pantyhose arrived in... 

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Lingerie Advice

Wearing Corsets for a Thinner Look Wearing Corsets for a Thinner Look

Women’s corsets are designed to offer a slenderizing effect that instantly takes pounds off a woman’s appearance. Of course, the pounds are still there, but with the wearing of a corset, the woman’s... 

Sexy Plus-Size Corsets Sexy Plus-Size Corsets

Today’s generously-endowed women can find sexy plus-size corsets in a colourful, attractive assortment of fashionable styles. Not only does the wearing of a corset firm a woman’s full-figured body,... 

Gorgeous Lingerie Gorgeous Lingerie

Women’s intimate apparel has earned a prominent place in dresser drawers and closets across the world over the last several decades. Rather than hiding beneath fluffy robes, in the back of a bureau,... 

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Lingerie Guide

Camisoles Camisoles

For a sexy, versatile yet inexpensive lingerie, you really can’t go wrong with a camisole. Aside from the fact that it is very comfortable, camisoles can also be fantastically fashionable! Camisoles are among the lingerie which are also becoming outerwear; that is, they are not really constrained to be worn exclusively as underwear anymore. Look... [Read more of this review]

Buying Lingerie – Getting The Right Size Buying Lingerie – Getting The Right Size

For a guy, buying a lingerie for his significant other is akin to walking in a monster-infested cave with nothing but a penknife at hand. In fact, some may argue that they would just rather walk through such a cave bare-handed rather than step into a well-lighted lingerie boutique or shop filled with brassieres, panties and other lingerie and then... [Read more of this review]

Men’s Guide to Lingerie Men’s Guide to Lingerie

If there is one thing that generally separates a man from the fairer sex, it has to be the penchant for shopping. Pick any random man off the street and ask him how he would like to spend his free time and almost always, you will usually get: A) either hanging out with his buddies, B) on a couch in front of the TV, or C) a combination of both.... [Read more of this review]

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