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Nylon Stockings and Hosiery

Some nylons are smooth and silky to the touch, while others have a stretchy feel or provide firm support. Still others come with patterns, lace, or have a fishnet look to them. When pantyhose arrived in the 1960s, women threw out their garter belts and took to wearing hose that were more like tights with an attached panty. However, for that exceptional look and feel, try a sheer pair of nylon stockings. When latched up to an even sexier corset or Merry Widow, a sheer pair of stockings makes your whole outfit special.

Nylon Stockings

Graded by sheerness, the denier number of nylon stockings refers to a unit of weight used to measure nylon. Lower denier numbers mean a silkier and sheerer nylon. After putting on a pair of sheer nylons with a low denier, run your hand up your leg to feel the smoothness. Grade 10 denier applies to ultra-sheer stockings. Grades between 10 and 20 denier apply to sheer stockings, while semi-opaque nylons or tights run between 21 and 40 denier. Wear nylon stockings with a garter belt, a garter-girdle, corset, Merry Window or a corselette. Wear nylon stockings when opting for an exceptional look and feel. Occasions to wear nylon stockings include weddings (yours or another’s), dates, a dress-up cocktail party, or any other special occasion requiring a more dressed-up look.

Thigh High Stockings

These stockings require no garter as there is a band of elastic at the top, which keeps them in place on the upper thigh. Some of these stockings might bag at the knees or ankles if you don’t get the right size. The elastic band holds them in place and works well for business or casual attire.

Knee High Stockings

Knee-highs are worn under business suits and pants, as they are similar to the thigh high stockings with an elastic band around them to stay in place without garters. They give the appearance of a full set of nylons without all the folderol, only going to just below the knee. Wear knee-highs with a business or casual outfit to enhance a nice pair of shoes.

Lace or Fishnet Stockings

Lace or fishnet stockings come in pantyhose fit, which includes a panty attached to the leggings, as individual gartered stockings or as thigh-high stockings. Lace or fishnet stockings work well when you’re wearing that cute mini dress or skirt reminiscent of the ‘60s or when you simply want to add a little flair or a bold statement to your outfit. Typically wear lace or fishnet stockings for a night out on the town, a party or some other special event.


Pantyhose come in a variety of types: ultra sheer, sheer or support with or without control-tops. Wear control-top pantyhose when you need extra support to keep a tummy flat. Look for panty hose with a cotton panel for breathability. Pantyhose are worn for work outfits under pants, skirts or dresses.


Tights work great for costumes or for some outfits in a casual setting. Besides providing warmth, they provide bold and brilliant color, as tights are opaque in nature. Tights come in a variety of colors and deniers and help to make any outfit fun. Wear conservative-colored tights when working in the office with business attire, but unleash the color when you’re wearing something sassy and bright.

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